Is Dia Wall Married To Kevin Holmes (2024)

1. KSHB Kevin Holmes - Facebook

  • KSHB Kevin Holmes. 3796 likes · 4 talking about this. Evening News Anchor at ... with KSHB Kevin Holmes and Dia Wall! They are such an inspiration.

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

2. Kansas City Anchor Dia Wall Moving to Dallas - Adweek

3. Kevin Holmes - KSHB

  • Kevin anchors 41 Action News at 6:30 p.m..

  • Kevin anchors 41 Action News at 6:30 p.m.

4. KSHB Kevin Holmes added a new photo. - Facebook

5. As KSHB's Dia Wall leaves for Texas, Kansas City loses a trusted face in ...

  • Feb 2, 2024 · Since arriving, she's held many roles, and in 2020 ascended to be prime-time anchor of the nightly news alongside Kevin Holmes. The award ...

  • After nearly nine years of reporting on the Kansas City region, 41 Action News evening anchor Dia Wall, is departing the station and the city for a new role at WFAA in Dallas. Wall shared memories from her time covering Kansas City, and what it meant to be a journalist here, with KCUR's Up To Date.



  • A blog about Kansas City politics and culture.

7. The 2023 KVC Gala - The Independent

  • Jun 10, 2023 · Dia Wall and Kevin Holmes served as the emcees. ... Kevin Holmes and Dia Wall, emcees. David Stofer ... husband, children, parents,…

  • The KVC Gala was held at The Abbott on May 5th. Margaux Blackwell and Kathy Woodward were the co-chairs for the event, which celebrated Cinco de Mayo. Dia Wall and Kevin Holmes served as the emcees. Guests enjoyed flavorful refreshments, a variety of live auction packages, a photo booth, the skills of a caricature artist, and the musical stylings of Lost Wax. The proceeds are earmarked for programs for children and families in crisis.    [caption id=attachment_61797 align=aligncenter width=810] (Seated) Kathy Woodward, co-chair; and Ken and Beth Nichols (standing) Phil Woodward, Lauri Jones, David Stofer, and Brad Boers[/caption]   [caption id=attachment_61798 align=aligncenter width=810] Ron Stricker, auctioneer[/caption]   [caption id=attachment_61799 align=aligncenter width=810] Lost Wax entertained the guests.[/caption]   [caption id=attachment_61800 align=aligncenter width=810] Ryan and Krystal Speier, Gretchen and Chad Anderson, and Dr. Vishal Adma[/caption]   [caption id=attachment_61801 align=aligncenter width=810] Angela Hedrick, Linda Bass, and Danielle Bartelli[/caption]   [caption id=attachment_61802 align=aligncenter width=810] John and Lori Barnes[/caption]   [caption id=attachment_61803 align=aligncenter width=810] Kevin Holmes and Dia Wall, emcees[/caption]   [caption id=attachment_61804 align=aligncenter width=810] David Stofer, Lauri Jones, and Dori and Brad Boers[/caption]   [caption id=attachment_61805 ali...

8. [PDF] it's time for the next act to begin. - Mid-America Emmy

  • Mike has been married to his wife Claudia for 38 ... Fourth Wall Films ... Aaron Finster, Kevin Holmes, Ariel Rothfield,. Sarah Plake, Jordan Betts, Dia Wall, Candi ...

Is Dia Wall Married To Kevin Holmes (2024)


Why is Dia Wall leaving KSHb? ›

The award-winning journalist is now moving back to her home state of Texas, closer to family. She'll also be taking a job at the station she grew up watching: WFAA in Dallas. Wall joined KCUR's Up To Date to reflect on her career, her colleagues and her role in Kansas City.

Is Kevin Holmes married? ›

Kevin is also active in the community, serving on the boards of numerous charitable organizations. He is married to Mary Hiott Holmes, and they have five children.

Where is Dia Wall KSHb? ›

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — KSHB 41 evening anchor and journalist Dia Wall has announced plans to step down from her position in February 2024. Wall and her family plan to move to Dallas, where she and her husband grew up.

Where is Daisha Jones going? ›

If you were watching PHL17 Morning News today, you may have noticed a new face on the anchor desk. We are excited to announce and let you meet PHL17's new morning news anchor, Daisha Jones! Daisha comes to Philly from Kansas City where she was previously a midday anchor and traffic anchor.

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