Tom Sugg on LinkedIn: #2k #finishyourstory #swag #contentcreators #merchandise #gaming (2024)

Tom Sugg

Sales Director | Building Brands with Promotional Products

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I loved WWF (as it was called then) as a kid - so was delighted to support 2K on the release of WWE24 with these cool content creator kits.With the box taking inspiration from a wrestling ring, each was full of nostalgic merchandise. Check out the game too - players are tasked with creating an original Superstar to forge their career path and leave an unforgettable legacy, with 80 rewards to be unlocked, including arenas, Paybacks, entrances, MyFACTION cards, and championship belts.Hulk Hogan was the man. #2k #finishyourstory #swag #contentcreators #merchandise #gaming

  • Tom Sugg on LinkedIn: #2k #finishyourstory #swag #contentcreators #merchandise #gaming (2)
  • Tom Sugg on LinkedIn: #2k #finishyourstory #swag #contentcreators #merchandise #gaming (3)


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  • The Rise Global


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    "You make a lot of mistakes along the way but that's ok. It's ok to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them. Its Ok to make mistakes, but never make the same mistake twice."-Stephanie McMahon, Chief Brand Officer of WWE.#theriseglobal#therise#tamileconomicforum#worldeconomicforum#davos#davossumit2024#switzerland#business#globalbusiness#businesses

    • Tom Sugg on LinkedIn: #2k #finishyourstory #swag #contentcreators #merchandise #gaming (8)
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  • Serhii Biloshytskyi


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    You’ll find all the knowledge you require in our tutorial on how to obtain and use WWE 2K23 codes for to acquire free stuff, cash, and upgrades that will quicken your gameplay and increase your skills. Roblox game WWE 2K23 was made by Vision Ent..Codes are an important part of the game in WWE 2K23 and should not be disregarded.

    [Roblox] WWE 2K23 codes for December 2023
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    Business Analyst @ Quantiphi | Building Xartup | Certified ScrumMaster® | Certified GCP ACE | 400K+ Impressions |

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    ⭐Day 83: 23th DEC 2023⭐RKO OF REVENUES ?⭐I used to watch WWE everyday in my childhood and wondered why these WWE superstars are getting hit? How do they earn and how much?✅WWE Network's income for FY22 was USD 1.3 billion, with media rights accounting for more than 85% of that total.✅The revenue from Live Events is barely 4% of their total income in ticket sales, etc., where an average audience member pays about USD 75 per ticket - that's around Rs 6000 - but it's these events that provide them with all of the media to shoot and post online.✅Another 9% comes from licensing of merchandise and consumer products such as video games, toys, clothes, and books.✅WWE is seen in over a billion homes worldwide in 180 countries and 30 languages... that's half the planet! I'm not sure if any other movie actors have that type of CLOUT.The company has a 21% operational profit.CRAZY RIGHT ??#steflearns #wwe #wweraw #nxt #india #business

    • Tom Sugg on LinkedIn: #2k #finishyourstory #swag #contentcreators #merchandise #gaming (15)


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  • Joe Pompliano

    Joe Pompliano is an Influencer

    Breaking Down The Money & Business Behind Sports

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    The newly formed company that combines the WWE and UFC will start trading today under the ticker TKO.• Valued at $21 billion•Endeavor owns 51% / WWE owns 49%Vince McMahon will be executive chairman of the new company, and Dana White will be in charge of the UFC.A couple of things come to mind...1. It's crazy how far the UFC has come over the last two decades — from John McCain calling the sport "human co*ckfighting" in a letter to all 50 state governors to being an integral part of a $21 billion publicly traded company.Whether you hate or love him, Dana White deserves a lot of credit for that.2. The UFC and WWE have extremely valuable intellectual property, and combining these assets should present significant upside in media rights.We will also see more cross-promotion of events (UFC fighters showing up at WWE events and vice-versa).** Follow me (Joe Pompliano) for more sports business breakdowns.#linkedinsports #sportsbiz #sports

    • Tom Sugg on LinkedIn: #2k #finishyourstory #swag #contentcreators #merchandise #gaming (18)



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  • Jason Lohe

    Co-founder at United Cities Sport

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    Good read


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  • Legum ILP


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    Entertainment is a growth area of Trade Marks and it’s no surprise the value of IP is what drives WWE.The Rock has recently undertaken a deal with the WWE in which The Rock gains assigned control of his stage name and other trade mark rights related to distribution and merchandising. The Rock also joins the WWE board.For any entertainment company, entertainer, or personality it’s important to know just what trade mark opportunities are open to you. A good early start is to protect marks for any related media content and merchandise that you may want to create as your audience grows. This is the same to for those in Social Media influencing roles.#entertainment #socialmedia #trademarks #trademark #trademarklaw #legumILP #intellectualproperty

    Dwayne Johnson Granted Ownership of 'The Rock' Trademark
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  • Colin Kennedy

    Digital Marketing & Media Strategy | Ex Meta

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    Netflix x WWE: A Match Made in OTT HeavenBig news today as Netflix and WWE have announced a 10 year, $500m deal to exclusively stream their 3 hour live program, Raw, to Netflix audiences in the US, Canada, UK, Latin America and potentially more. For perspective, this is double the value and double the length of WWE's current deal with NBC Universal for the same program.Meanwhile, Netflix continues to grow their advertiser video on demand offering with now a reported 23m users globally. The company is projected to deliver over $1b in ad revenue this year alone, but needs to continue to diversify their content offering.Raw does just that. It will bring live content to their weekly arsenal (something missing), will drive young eyeballs to their products in key markets and further diversifies their media partners, extending beyond NBC and Fox amongst others.Time will tell how big of a win this will be for both companies, but hard to see why this won't drive immediate value once WWE's current deal with NBC is up in October of this year.

    Netflix, WWE Strike Deal to Move ‘Monday Night Raw’ to Streamer Beginning in 2025 for $500 Million per Year


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  • Max Rawlinson

    Social Media Manager for Manchester City International- a Manchester City X fan account

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    Exciting news in the entertainment industry! I am thrilled to announce that WWE has just secured a groundbreaking deal with Netflix for the exclusive streaming rights to Monday Night RAW starting from January 2025! This landmark partnership marks a significant milestone for WWE fans and streaming enthusiasts alike. With Netflix, a global entertainment powerhouse, now home to one of the most iconic wrestling shows in the world, fans can anticipate unparalleled access to all the action, drama, and larger-than-life moments that define Monday Night RAW. For decades, WWE has captivated audiences with its unparalleled blend of athleticism, storytelling, and spectacle. Now with this collaboration with Netflix, the WWE Universe is set to expand its reach like never before, transcending geographical boundaries and bringing the adrenaline-pumping excitement of Monday Night RAW to millions of households worldwide.As we look ahead to 2025 and beyond, this partnership promises to redefine the viewing for wrestling enthusiast everywhere, offering them unprecedented access to their favourite superstars, unforgettable matches, jaw-dropping moments, at all their finger tips. I'm incredibly excited about this new chapter for WWE and Netflix, and I can't wait to see how this collaboration will elevate for the world of sports entertainment to even greater heights. Get ready to witness history in the making, because Monday Night RAW is about to get bigger, better, and bolder than ever before! Could we see NXT- WWE's development programme brand and Friday Night SmackDown follow suit? #wwe #netflix #mondaynightraw #entertainmentevolution #nxt #fridaynightsmackdown

    • Tom Sugg on LinkedIn: #2k #finishyourstory #swag #contentcreators #merchandise #gaming (31)


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  • Ben Thomas, SHRM-PMQ

    40 under 40 | Head of Integrated Technology Partnerships at MarketScale | Digital Advisory Board Member | Marketer | Podcast Host | Keynote Speaker

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    WWE Wrestlemania ended last night with a pretty dramatic finish. One that finished a story that began 5 years ago. After watching shows like that, I'm always reminded that one of WWE's greatest strengths is long-term storytelling.It's why wrestling legends like The Rock, John Cena, and The Undertaker return not just for the spectacle, but to add depth to ongoing narratives, showing the power of long-term investment in storytelling.It's an approach that I wish we took more regularly in our industry. Instead of focusing primarily on the short-term, we should be looking at building lasting relationships, developing our communities, and really investing in what we're doing. It's not about being a one-hit wonder; it's about creating something that lasts and has a real impact.It's about more than just the immediate wins. If we play the long game, we're going to see way better results down the line.#wrestlemania #storytelling


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Tom Sugg on LinkedIn: #2k #finishyourstory #swag #contentcreators #merchandise #gaming (36)

Tom Sugg on LinkedIn: #2k #finishyourstory #swag #contentcreators #merchandise #gaming (37)


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