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Aggravated Assault
Adjudicated in Pinal
Adc Parole Division-adc Parole Division

The following correctional supervision record (the "Record") was collected from the official state department of corrections website (see below for source link). This Record may not reflect actual, complete, or up-to-date data. If you believe this Record is in error (i.e. out-of-date, incorrect offense/sentence details, record expunged, etc), please send an email to:, along with a direct link to this page and any other details available. Once verified, the record will be modified or removed, free of charge. does not provide consumer reports, and, as such, strictly prohibits any use of this Record to make decisions about someone's credit, employment, tenancy or any other purposes that would require FCRA compliance.

Bertha MGarcia is a female of unknown age who was listed as being under the supervision of the department of corrections in Adc Parole Division-adc Parole Division, Arizona. She was sentenced / adjudicated in Pinal County, Pinal.She was listed on the state department of corrections website below in relation to the criminal offense, Aggravated Assaultand was admitted to the department of corrections on Friday, December10, 2010.To see more detailed information on this person, including any new custody status, criminal offense history, or time served in prison or under state supervision, follow the official department of corrections link below.
NameBertha MGarcia
Sentencing CountyPinal
Correctional Facility or Supervision AuthorityAdc Parole Division-adc Parole DivisionArizona
Offense(s)Aggravated AssaultAdmission Date: 12/10/2010Sentence Length: 1 years (703) days
Department of Corrections Inmate / Offender Record

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Bertha M Garcia | Adc Parole Division-adc Parole Division (2024)


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