What Is A Muscle Mommy? Here's Everything You Need To Know (2024)

Muscle mommies… the role models of the gym world.

Big muscles and a big appetite.

Your dumbbells and 20kg plates are your babies, and the gym floor is your daycare.

Muscle mommies are proud to flaunt their muscular bodies, and strength isn't something they shy away from.

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What Is A Muscle Mommy?

From bodybuilding to Olympic lifting, a muscle mommy is someone who engages in strength training exercises intending to build and maintain muscle mass, improve their strength and overall fitness levels.

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Muscle Mommy Meaning

You may have seen the term "muscle mommy" doing the rounds on social media, a phrase adopted by women who take pride in their muscular physique and strength. It typically refers to someone who engages in regular strength training, powerlifting, or bodybuilding exercises, resulting in a well-developed physique with visible muscle definition. It’s also used as a title to symbolize empowerment and confidence, emphasizing women’s strength and physical prowess.

From gyms to competitions, the bodybuilding industry has historically been a male-dominated space. But all this is changing, and if you’re reading this, you’re more than likely part of a cohort of many women who regularly lift weights and take pride in doing so. Muscle mommies are reclaiming the beauty and femininity in strength and taking up well-deserved space on the gym floor.

This wave of powerful women are eating more protein, lifting heavier, and spending longer in the gym.

For women, bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc, is so empowering because heavy weightlifting increases muscular strength and size, & enhances our physical/mental capacity. We’re challenging ourselves against the stereotypes of us being “too big” or “too strong”. Stay true to yourself and don’t think about the approval or preferences of others. Do what makes you happy, stick to what you love & feels good to you.“ - Analis Cruz

Muscle Mommy ‘fits

Sculpting physiques over hours at the squat rack, countless scoops of pre-workout, and a whole database of progression pics, muscle mommy’s hard work is here to be celebrated.

While pump covers are there for the days that call for oversized ‘fits, muscle mommy ‘fits are for when you want to show the world what you’re made of… did someone say iron-woman? These are the outfits designed to accentuate that muscle definition you’ve worked so hard for. We’re talking cap sleeves that highlight the grooves of the arms, bum-scrunch leggings to define the glutes, and quad-defining short shorts that sit perfectly mid-thigh to accentuate your leg muscles.

Here’s our pick of muscle mommy ‘fits.

Sports Bras To Show Off Your Gains

Adapt Fleck Halterneck Bra

The Adapt Fleck Halterneck Bra joined the roster earlier this year, and let’s just say, it’s fast becoming one of our most loved sports bras. The narrow halterneck design runs seamlessly over your trap muscles, making them stand out while also leaving the shoulder area open to highlight the delts. But it doesn’t stop there. Turn around and you’ll find two thin parallel straps on an otherwise open back design to let your back muscles shine.

Apex Limit Sports Bra

Molded from a seamless flat knit fabric, the Apex Limit Sports Bra sits softly and comfortably on your skin, letting you lock into your workout without any discomfort. Double taped straps crisscross at the back for a stylish strappy back look and the seamless design means you can lift heavy, distraction-free.

Sweat Seamless Sports Bra

Sleek, soft, and comfortable, the Sweat Seamless Sports Bra is the bra you’ll feel hyped to wear every single workout. With performance-enhancing tech to see you through your sweatiest workouts, and a Y-back design to sculpt your back muscles, there’s no hiding your love for a barbell row.

Are strappy back muscle-sculpting sports bras your thing?

Well, we're beyond excited to announce the release of our very first t-back bra, the Legacy T-Bar Sports Bra, as part of the selection of all new designs added to our most iconic collection, Legacy.

Find out more about the updated Legacy Collection, and what new styles you can get your hands on.


In need of some sports bra styling tips? Check out this article on the best sports bras to wear with open-back tops.

Workout Tops To Make Your Biceps Pop

Adapt Fleck Seamless Crop Top

We love the elevated silhouette of the Adapt Fleck Seamless Crop Top with its super crop design, square neckline, and angled cap sleeves. Falling slightly off the shoulder before the widest part of the bicep, these flattering cap sleeves highlight the arm muscles spectacularly.

Adapt Camo Tank

A one-shoulder design speaks for itself by giving your shoulder the breathing space to be the star of the show. If you’re a muscle mommy who likes to wear statement pieces to the gym, the Adapt Camo Tank will not disappoint. To the back, you’ll find a unique lace-up design that gives your back muscles a sneak peak.

Apex Limit Cami Tank

Sported by Analis Cruz, this form-fitting tank accentuates the physique with its high-tech seamless design. Featuring adjustable straps that can be worn four different ways, (crossed over at the back and straight) you get to customize the top exactly how you like.

Shorts And Leggings To Lift Heavy In

Adapt Fleck Seamless Leggings

Adapt is our collection for the girlies who lift heavy. Forget pulling your leggings up after each rep, this waistband is staying put. Crafted in a stretchy sweat-wicking material, you can stay cool and comfortable as you go for gold and hit your next PR.

Legacy Ruched Tight Shorts

The muscle mommy ‘fit isn’t complete without a pair of short shorts to flaunt those well-developed quad muscles. You may have seen your fave athletes hiking their shorts up to show off their hard work, but Legacy does it all for you - designed with a shorter inseam that we know you’ll love. Even better, the side toggle details allow you to customize your coverage - scrunch them up shorter, or leave them a little longer… the decision is up to you.

GS Power Leggings

Another one of our lifting-specific collections, Power is designed to support and hug your body in all the right places. If you’re looking for some lightweight leggings, you’ll love this pair with their mesh-lined waistband for added breathability, and silky feeling fabric that molds to your shape. And let’s not forget the subtle internal bum-scrunch to flatter the glutes. Like the look but prefer wearing shorts? Then opt for the GS Power Shorts!

Shop the GS Power Collection for lifting clothing that isn’t afraid to make a statement.

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What Is A Muscle Mommy? Here's Everything You Need To Know (2024)
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