The Ultimate Muscle Mommy Workout - Lift Big Eat Big (2024)

Muscle Mommy describes mothers dedicated to fitness and maintaining a muscular physique. These women challenge the "mom bod" stereotype, demonstrating that fitness and motherhood can coexist harmoniously.

Powered by social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, the Muscle Mommy movement is at all-time highs, and we at Lift Big Eat Big love it.

Table of Contents

  • What Is A Muscle Mommy?
  • Muscle Mommy Workout
    • Muscle Mommy Program Day 1 (Upper Body)
    • Muscle Mommy Program Day 2 (Lower Body)
    • Muscle Mommy Program Day 3 (Upper Body)
    • Muscle Mommy Program Day 4 (Lower Body)
  • How To Live The Muscle Mommy Lifestyle
    • Challenge Stereotypes
    • Be A Role Model
    • Consistent Training
    • Balanced Nutrition
  • Summary

What Is A Muscle Mommy?

Muscle Mommy isn't a new trend, but social media has amplified its reach and refined its meaning. According to Urban Dictionary, a muscle mommy is “a woman with big muscles that other girls look up to.”

But we at Lift Big Eat Big see it as more than a muscular physique. It's a big “f*ck you” to societal norms thinking once you have a baby, you can no longer train and are doomed to a life of being out of shape.

Muscle is a way to show you’ve put in the work and are dedicated to being a role model to your children.

So, it's not just about your physique; it promotes a healthy lifestyle, encouraging mothers to prioritize their well-being.

Most importantly, it's not about body shaming but empowering women to embrace health and confidence.

Want to become the muscle mommy in your neighborhood? Check out our muscle mommy workout designed for mothers like yourself to transform your physique.

Muscle Mommy Workout

I get it. I'm a mom too. And doing a 6-day-a-week training program with 2-hour sessions isn't feasible with a little one and work.

This program will work around a momma's lifestyle. It'll be 4 days per week but can be done 2-3 times per week depending on your schedule.

For example, if you’re doing 3 days per week, you’d do day 1, 2, and 3 and start week 2 with day 4. Here's a sample week of the Muscle Mommy program.

You can get the full program here.

Muscle Mommy Program Day 1 (Upper Body)

Muscle Mommy Program Day 2 (Lower Body)

Muscle Mommy Program Day 3 (Upper Body)

Muscle Mommy Program Day 4 (Lower Body)

How To Live The Muscle Mommy Lifestyle

The strict definition of muscle mommy is the physique. But we believe being a muscle mommy is a lifestyle, and here's how to live it.

Challenge Stereotypes

The stereotype of "mom bods" needs to go. This is a movement to fight against the excuses and mediocrity of society, thinking your life is over once you have kids.

Children enrich your life and look to you for guidance and a blueprint for how they should act, think, and feel.

Show them with your dedication to your health, which spills into better mental health and being a better momma to your child.

Empowerment & Self Care

Muscle Mommy empowers mothers to take time for themselves, recognizing that self-care is essential for being the best mother and wife they can be.

Building muscle is the badge to show yourself and the world you are a strong mother for your kids.

Community & Support

You can do this on your own. But I know how difficult it is to have no sounding board, no one to ask for parenting advice, and no one to reinforce the great job you’re doing as a mom when you doubt yourself.

That's why our Muscle Mommy program gives you access to our private community where you can message me and other moms for community and continued support with training and life.

Be A Role Model

People look up to moms who can get in great shape while juggling the responsibilities of being a parent.

While you will be a role model for friends and society, most importantly, you'll be a role model to your son or daughter.

We want our kids to grow up knowing training is part of life and being healthy means doing consistent physical activity.

Consistent Training

The only way to reach your muscle mom body is through consistent training. It’s not a 4-week crash course of unsustainable exercise routines and diets.

It’s well-programmed, logical weight training designed for the specific goal of building muscle.

Consistency is your secret weapon to set your progress apart from the masses.

Balanced Nutrition

A high-protein diet of healthy foods is critical to your success. The best thing about it is you'll have more energy to give to your kids when you eat healthy food options. This also rubs off on your kids.

They see you eating healthy foods and associate it with a normal way of eating. Everything you do has a trickle-down effect.


You don’t have to be overly muscular to be a muscle mommy. Being a muscle mommy is a movement and lifestyle to empower moms and smash through stereotypes. This muscle mommy workout will build muscle in the right places to give you a physique you’ll love.

The Ultimate Muscle Mommy Workout - Lift Big Eat Big (2024)
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