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Diana’s POV

“Here’s a cup of milkshake to thank you for covering my shift tonight, Diana.” Emma grinned from ear to ear as she pushed the cup towards me.

I reluctantly accepted with a long sigh, grateful to be heading home after working a double shift for the fourth time in a week. I waved Emma goodbye before starting my long journey home. I couldn’t afford to use the subway because I was dead broke with a lot of debts left unpaid, so I had to save up every spare dollar I could afford.

I checked my watch, it was midnight already, and I would only be able to sleep for three hours before I would need to divide my mornings between taking care of my sick mother, Maria, and trying to catch up on my schoolwork.

The road home was lonely but safe, I walked down this path every day, dragging my tired legs and longing for my bed.

My life fell apart when my parents died unexpectedly.

My father was a big-shot construction contractor scaling up the ranks pretty quickly in the market, his company had been predicted to break into the top 10 fastest-growing companies.

Life was very good and I was getting ready to finish high school and fulfill my dream of becoming an English major at Harvard but tragedy struck my father’s business, bringing his entire career to the ground. He was implicated with financial fraud and there were several documents to prove that he was guilty of the charges levied against him. The media was having a field day camping day and night outside our house, hoping to speak to the hotshot contractor turned fraudster.

My father had wanted to send his family away till everything died down but my mother vehemently refused to leave the house and I wouldn’t put my life on hold because of some scandal I was sure would pass as soon as my father proves his innocence.

One month later, my father was no closer to proving his innocence and it was starting to take a toll on our family. My parents were fighting more than ever and I had fallen sick with no one to care for me except for myself.

During a family dinner that failed miserably, we were on our way back home. It was raining and dark, and my parents were having another argument over something insignificant. I was crying already and I was trying to act like a mediator when we heard a blast of horn in front of us.

I couldn’t remember much of what happened after that but I remember waking up in the hospital.

Three weeks later, I was cleared for discharge and the doctor disclosed the news of my father’s death to me.

Two years after that ugly incident, here I was, an orphaned wolf working three jobs with a sick mother, a load of unpaid debts, and failing badly in school.

I wiped my eyes furiously as I walked into our apartment. My mother would still be up, she always waited for me to come and I couldn’t let her see I had been crying.

I was her pillar of strength and there was no room for self-pity, at least not right now.

“Hey, Diana.” My mother chirped from where she lay, reading a book in the dim light. “You worked an extra shift today?”

“Yeah, I needed the extra money. We don’t have a lot left and it’s already difficult to save money right now.”

“Tell me you managed to eat something at least?” She asked again.

“I took a milkshake. I’ll get breakfast on my way to work. Did you take your meds?” I asked before falling face flat on my bed.

“I did. Your email came in today.”

I jolted out of my bed, unable to conceal my excitement. Emma had urged me to apply as an intern at Francheska and after several setbacks, I was finally able to get it done and I’ve almost given up on my chances of getting picked until now.

“What did it say? Did you go through it?” Tell me, tell me.”

My mother laughed, grinning from ear to ear. “I can’t remember the last time you got excited over anything. I like you better when you act like your former self.”

Her words made me smile. I’ve often felt like I lost myself ever since my father died and my mother became my only parent, but I was hoping this good news would set my life back on track.

“I will. I promise you.”

“I’ll hold you to that promise.” My mother playfully warned me. “The good news is you got accepted and you’ve been invited for an interview by 8:00 AM today.”

I could feel my heart dip, there was no way I was going to make it. It was all too sudden.

“I had a hunch you would want to come up with an excuse, so I took the time to pick something out for you to wear and I made you breakfast as well, while Emma offered to cover your morning shift and help you with school work.” My mother added as she watched my expression change.

“Thank you.” I sent her a grateful smile before stretching out on my bed. I needed all the sleep I could get right now.


By 8:00 AM, I was already seated in the lobby of Francheska Company, waiting for my interview. A couple of interns had been interviewed before me and I could see mixed reactions on their faces as soon as they stepped out of the conference room. I had a glowing recommendation attached to my email and I was hoping it would play a huge part in my interview.

“Ms. Diana Quicksilver,”

I jumped out of my seat and walked briskly into the conference room, there was a panel directly opposite me, all wearing intimidating looks on their faces, they all looked elderly except for one, the man was seated at the far end of the table, and even though I glanced at him for a second, he was one of the most attractive men I had ever laid my eyes on. She knew that face, everyone who had ties to the wolf pack knew who Jack Francheska was. The heir to one of the biggest empires in the werewolf world.

The Luna and the Alpha triplets  Novel Read Online Free - Samuelifeanyi999 - ReadNow (2024)
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