Level 110 Arcanum Astral Spells - Final Bastion (2024)

The Summer 2016 update brought with it changes, activities and most importantly, lvl 110 Arcanum Astral Spells! These have some mechanics that are definitely noteworthy, and in some ways game changing. In order to train these spells you need to be level 110 and locate Qyburn Stellargaze in the Arcanum’s Astral room. Additionally, all these spells cost one training point each to learn and most of them have prerequisite spells you need to learn before.


Level 110 Arcanum Astral Spells - Final Bastion (1)

One of the main highlights, Aegis. Basically this Sun enchant will protect any positive charm or ward from removal by spells such as Shatter, Pierce, Disarm, and Enfeeble. Aegis’ mechanics are rather interesting as through testing testing we discovered that if a spell that removes multiple blades such as Sirens is cast on a person that has one aegis protected blade, it only removes the protection. Sirens removes 2 blades though; one would think that Sirens would remove the enchant then the blade, but this isn’t the case.

One final pointis that Aegis can be used to enchant spells that give blades or shields, such as Rusalka’s Wrath or Abominable Weaver. For PvE it can only protect your non-enchanted blades and traps, but not your sharpened or potent. Along with this comes the fact that an Aegis enchanted blade, and a non-enchanted blade DO NOT stack, the same goes with traps.


Level 110 Arcanum Astral Spells - Final Bastion (2)

Basically the same as Aegis but the opposite… This enchant protects any negative charm (e.g. Weakness) or ward (e.g. Feint) from being removed. This spell can also be used to enchant spells that leave negative debuffs such as Brimstone Revenant and Loremaster. This protects the chamrd/ward from being removed bya spell such as Cleanse Charm, or Cleanse Ward. Uses for this spell may include Bad Juju spamming, Feint protection from cheating bosses and much more!

We made a detailed list of all the spells that can be used on Aegis and Indemnity. Is it worth the training point? Up to you to decide!


Level 110 Arcanum Astral Spells - Final Bastion (3)

Requirement: Colossal

After 44 levels of waiting, we finally get another damage enchant. It adds 300 damage to one damage spell. This is a must have for any level 110+ for either PvE or PvP. While a +25 added damage is smaller compared to the damage gap of the other lower level enchants it is still quite worth the training point. I personally wish that Epic was +325 since from Gargantuan to Colossal it was a 50 damage increase, however we must leave room to grow as Kingsisle is probably thinking.


Level 110 Arcanum Astral Spells - Final Bastion (4)

Requirement: Primordial

The new Primordial of the Spiral. A Satyr enchanted with this equals out to over 1010 heal,sacrificecomes to 850, while availing hands comes to 145 initial, then 855 over 3 rounds. This buffs in-school heals quite a bit. I can see this being useful for PvE, while in PvP it may or may not be used. Schools that have in-school heals might use this depending on their opinion. However, with the introduction of Pigsie (an extremely powerful AoE heal) this spell is remarkable. Consider 550 + 150 + outgoing + incoming healing. Overkill! But I hope Kingsisle doesn’t see this bit.


Level 110 Arcanum Astral Spells - Final Bastion (5)

Requirement: Empowerment

Adapt, an aura that gives a power pip for any incoming spell that costs 6 pips or more. While it may lack a clear use for both PvE and PvP, it may be possible that someone will create an innovating strategy to make this spell essential. It definitely can be an asset for Jade healers in dungeons such as Darkmoor. That extra pip can be the difference between life and death.

Would you want to train this spell? I recommend finding a personal use for it first.


Level 110 Arcanum Astral Spells - Final Bastion (6)

Requirement: Fortify

Brace for impact! This aura reduces all incoming damage by 20% for 4 rounds. This is essential if you are fighting a certain Titan’s Trident. It helps tank some extra damage in any aspect of the game. This can sometimes mean the difference between life or death when fighting that one enemy you just can’t defeat.

Would I personally train this? I may buyit mostly for PvE even though treasure card Fortify exists. As for PvP, if I feel a need for it, I may find a few spaces dedicated to it in my deck.


Level 110 Arcanum Astral Spells - Final Bastion (7)

Requirement: Amplify

Magnify adds 20% damage to all spells for 4 rounds. The Aztecan aura spells are simply better in almost every single aspect that you look at. They give 25% damage and an additional 5% power pip chance or accuracy whilst increasing incoming damage towards a single specific school. Sadly, this spell is simply not worth the training point.


Level 110 Arcanum Astral Spells - Final Bastion (8)

Requirement: Infallible

The questionably “upgraded” version of Infallible. Flawless adds 20% accuracy and 15% pierce for4 rounds. In PvE if you need pierce or accuracy it’s more beneficial to use a treasure card Infallible.The same case goes forPvP. Perhaps we are yet to see a treasure card version of Flawless where it actually goes beyond the benefits of a treasure card Infallible. On the other hand, that worries me for the future of PvP.


Level 110 Arcanum Astral Spells - Final Bastion (9)

Requirement: Mend

Last but not least, Renew. This Star school spell adds 25% outgoing to all heals for 4 rounds. The fact remains that Mend is +20% outgoing which is not that huge a difference. Additionally, there is Cycle of Life from the Aztecan Star School trainer in Three Points that gives +25% outgoing healing, +5% power pip chance, and +10% incoming Death damage which is quite worth it.

What do you think of the Level 110 Arcanum Astral Spells?

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Level 110 Arcanum Astral Spells - Final Bastion (2024)
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