James Proctor Shines in Sweden: Top 3 Moments of the 2024 Swedish Open! - Disc Golf Pro Tour (2024)

1) Proctor’s Precision: A 13-Year Journey to Victory!

James Proctor put on a show at the 2024 Swedish Open presented by Kastaplast, clinching his first DGPT event* win with a 3-stroke lead after 13 years of playing pro disc golf. Proctor’s performance was nothing short of impressive, leading the field in birdie percentage at 54%, in strokes gained from C2 putting at 7.11, and he also recorded just a single out-of-bounds stroke.

James Proctor gets his first DGPT win at the 2024 Swedish Open! pic.twitter.com/lpu6xmsi9J

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour) June 30, 2024

Going into the final round, he was ahead by 3-strokes and maintained his edge with his dominant putting, missing only one Circle 1 putt through the first 2 rounds. Notably, this marks Proctor’s first-ever post-round outright lead at a Tour event*! He would go on to end the weekend with a remarkable 94% in C1X Putting.

1x DGPT Champion ☝️ pic.twitter.com/kcNc71XNaV

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour) June 30, 2024

This victory marks Proctor’s 4th Tour event* podium and his 3rd in Europe, spanning three countries: Norway, Finland, and Sweden. It’s also his 2nd podium finish of the season, following a 2nd-place finish at the Turku Open, making these couple of finishes this season half of his career Tour event* podiums.

The putter was on fire for James Proctor en route to his victory at the 2024 Swedish Open 🔥 pic.twitter.com/nrs7Aqf9gp

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour) June 30, 2024

According to DGPT season stats, Proctor remains the leader in Circle 2 Putting with an impressive 38.04%. This victory also propels him to 20th place in the DGPT World Standings. Proctor’s fans and followers have plenty to celebrate with this milestone win and eagerly anticipate how he will carry this momentum through the rest of the season!

After 16 years and 202 events, James Proctor gets his first victory on the Disc Golf Pro Tour 🏆 pic.twitter.com/qgS5wOoWhn

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour) June 30, 2024

2) Saarinen Secures 5th Consecutive Win!

Silva Saarinen’s winning performance at the 2024 Swedish Open marked her 5th consecutive victory, including 2 DGPT Europe Elite events and 3 DGPT Europe Silver events!

Silva Saarinen picks up her FIFTH consecutive win! 🤯 pic.twitter.com/L1lOyVuHif

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour) June 30, 2024

She clinched this win by 5 strokes, dominating in several key stats such as Birdie Percentage (33%), Parked Percentage (11%), C1X Putting (96%), and Scramble Percentage (65%). Saarinen’s exceptional putting skills were evident as she missed only one C1X putt, with a field-leading average putt distance of 14.6 feet and a total putt distance of 789 feet.

Back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back DGPT Europe Champion 🤯 pic.twitter.com/nNhgZqTk69

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour) July 1, 2024

With 5 consecutive wins, Silva Saarinen joins the ranks of other elite FPO players with the most consecutive wins in solely DGPT events and DGPT Silver events. She ties the 2nd-longest win streak and sets the longest by a European, only trailing Paige Pierce’s streak of 7 consecutive wins in 2017-2018 (and tying Pierce’s 5 consecutive wins in 2019). Kristin Tattar (2022) and Catrina Allen (2016) follow Saarinen with 3 consecutive wins respectively at DGPT and DGPT Silver events.

Next goal, European Open? 👀 pic.twitter.com/hyVvzkR456

— Disc Golf Pro Tour (@DiscGolfProTour) June 30, 2024

Saarinen is also among the top-3 in both C1X (2nd) and C2 (3rd) Putting according to DGPT season stats. Despite still holding 14th place in the DGPT World Standings, Saarinen continues to seize every opportunity in Europe, much to the delight of DGPT fans around the world.

3) Calvin Heimburg: The Longest Active Cash Streak in MPO!

Calvin Heimburg’s cash streak continues to impress as it extends to 47 consecutive Tour events*, the longest active MPO streak, despite finishing T44th at the 2024 Swedish Open.

Heimburg managed to tie for the final position above the cash line this weekend, adding to his remarkable streak and bringing his total prize earnings to over $190,000 which is nearly half of his total career earnings (46.8% to be exact).

James Proctor Shines in Sweden: Top 3 Moments of the 2024 Swedish Open! - Disc Golf Pro Tour (1)

This season alone, the 2023 DGPT Ken Climo Player of the Year has achieved 2 1st-place victories, 4 podium finishes, and 8 top-10 finishes. Interestingly, his T44th place finish at the Swedish Open marks his lowest since his 45th place at the 2021 United States Disc Golf Championship (USDGC).

Since the Disc Golf Pro Tour launched in 2016, Heimburg has only finished outside the top-30 in Tour events* 8 times. Remarkably, 2024 marks the first season he has placed outside the top-30 more than once (3 times), an unusual deviation from his usual consistency. This is out of an unbelievable 98 total events.

James Proctor Shines in Sweden: Top 3 Moments of the 2024 Swedish Open! - Disc Golf Pro Tour (2)

Heimburg remains a revered figure among fans and a formidable competitor among players. According to DGPT season stats, he ranks in the top-3 in Parked Percentage (12.12%). Despite his recent unusual performance, he continues to hold a top-5 position in the DGPT World Standings.

Anticipating a rebound at the upcoming 2024 Trubank Des Moines Challenge presented by DGA seems prudent, especially considering he is the highest-rated player in the field and finished in the top-3 at the same event in 2023. Betting against Heimburg’s comeback would be a risk few are willing to take!

* Tour event wins include standard DGPT, DGPT+, DGPT Playoff events, and PDGA Pro Majors (excludes National Tour events and DGPT Silver events)

James Proctor Shines in Sweden: Top 3 Moments of the 2024 Swedish Open! - Disc Golf Pro Tour (2024)
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