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HELIAUS® is Allied Universal’s AI-powered workforce management solution that streamlines security operations at your site, generating intelligent recommendations to help mitigate risk. HELIAUS® provides real-time communication and insight into the hands of your Security Leadership to better protect your people, brand, and assets.

HELIAUS® can help reduce security and safety incidents by up to 20%, all while improving profitability and your bottom line.

HELIAUS® is not just a tour, reporting, or incident management system. HELIAUS® is an AI-powered, comprehensive, and adaptable workforce management solution. With prescriptive analytics driving action, HELIAUS® transforms insight into action, and adds value by increasing safety.

Customized Security Solutions specific to your business.

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Our partners benefit from the advantages of working with HELIAUS®:

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With HELIAUS® at the center of your security operations, your Security Professionals are always connected and engaged, situationally informed, and armed with the right recommendations to effectively create safer, more secure environments.

  • User Friendly Dashboards Customizable web-based portal with real-time data visualization for easy processing and identification of trends and/or exceptions.
  • Visitor and Vehicle Management One ecosystem to maintain a database of all of your important data for visitors, vendors, trucks, parking, etc. with configurable check in processes to enhance compliance across your site. Optional visitor screening and site occupancy tracking to increase safety and mitigate risk.
  • Live, Automated Post Orders: Digitize the paper trail, increase efficiency, and enhance security operations. Security Professionals receive tour orders, access to site information, and record daily activity directly in their HELIAUS® mobile device.
  • Zone-Based Smart Sensors: Automatically trigger zone-specific post orders using GPS, Bluetooth beacons, and NFC technology to help ensure Security Professionals are situationally engaged whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Dynamic Tours: Tasks and actions are fully defined in every zone and the system automatically prompts them with clear instructions to help predict and prevent incidents from

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  • Reduce Liability
  • Access Real-Time Data
  • Reduce Costs
  • View Sitemaps
  • Rapid Response
  • Customize Workflows
  • Increase Safety
  • Analyze Trends
  • Improve Compliance
  • Create Reports
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Track Compliance
  • Proactively Mitigate Risks
  • Improve Communications
  • Switfly Respond to Incidents


HELIAUS® New | Allied Universal (12)


Powerful Insights


HELIAUS® provides powerful insights about your site’s safety and security performance.

HELIAUS® New | Allied Universal (13)


Maximize Effectiveness


Take advantage of more effective response to safety and security incidents.

HELIAUS® New | Allied Universal (14)


Unmatched Accountability


The HELIAUS® platform provides unmatched policy and post-order enforcement.

HELIAUS® New | Allied Universal (15)


Made With You In Mind


HELIAUS® features advanced integration capabilities to support client customization.

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HELIAUS® New | Allied Universal (2024)


What is Allied Universal Heliaus? ›

More than just a tour or incident management system, HELIAUS® is a comprehensive workforce management solution that uses powerful algorithms to generate risk-adverse recommendations to keep your security professionals connected and engaged, situationally informed, and armed with the right recommendations to effectively ...

How much does Heliaus cost? ›

Heliaus is an add-on for Allied Universal customers and is offered for a per-device subscription fee of $199 per month. A customer company's managers can also access the portal for data visualization tools and real-time situational awareness, or to input data such as 'approving' an incident report or action.

Is G4S owned by Allied Universal? ›

Allied Universal Acquires G4S plc.

What is the Allied Universal controversy? ›

After a separate federal investigation into the company's pay practices, the department's Wage and Hour Division found Allied Universal automatically deducted time for meal breaks when security officers were often required to work through all or some of them.

What is the lawsuit against Allied Universal? ›

(A federal class action lawsuit filed in 2022 alleges that Allied pays employees based on scheduled hours rather than actual hours worked. Allied has disputed these claims in court; in April, Allied agreed to enter into mediation with its 27,000 Illinois security guards.)

How does helius work? ›

Helius is a leading neurotech company in the medical device field focused on neurologic deficits using non-implantable platform technologies that amplify the brain's ability to compensate and promote neuroplasticity, improving the lives of people dealing with neurologic diseases.

Who did Allied Universal buy out? ›

— Dec. 7, 2023 — Allied Universal®, the world's leading security and facility services provider, today announced its acquisition of Nordic Security Services and Star Protection Services. The deals mark the company's 100th and 101st acquisitions since 2010.

Who is the boss of Allied Universal? ›

Steve Jones

What is G4S called now? ›

G4S North America business now operates as Allied Universal®.

Which is better, Securitas or Allied Universal? ›

Securitas scored higher in 10 areas: Overall Rating, Culture & Values, Diversity & Inclusion, Work-life balance, Senior Management, Compensation & Benefits, Career Opportunities, CEO Approval, Recommend to a friend and Positive Business Outlook.

Who are the top 5 security companies? ›

  • Key Takeaways.
  • The 10 Best Home Security Companies of 2024.
  • Summary: Compare the Top Home Security Companies.
  • ADT.
  • SimpliSafe.
  • Vivint.
  • Ring.
  • Abode.
6 days ago

How much are Allied Universal unpaid wages? ›

A global security provider will pay $1.1 million in back wages and liquidated damages to 778 employees after allegedly failing to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act's overtime and recordkeeping provisions, according to the Labor Department Friday.

What software does Allied Universal use? ›

HELIAUS® is Allied Universal's AI-powered workforce management solution that streamlines security operations at your site, generating intelligent recommendations to help mitigate risk.

What is the legal name for Allied Universal security? ›

Allied Universal Security Services LLC.

Is Allied Universal and Universal Protection the same company? ›

Universal Protection Service was a private security company in the United States. It was part of Santa Ana, California-based Universal Services of America, which merged in 2016 with fellow security service provider AlliedBarton to form Allied Universal.

What is the meaning of Allied Universal? ›

Allied Universal is an American private security and staffing company, based in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania and Irvine, California. Formed in 2016 by the merger of AlliedBarton and Universal Services of America, Allied Universal is the world's largest provider of private security guards.

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