eHub: Self-Service Portal for Workforce Management | TEAM Software (2024)

Employee Self-Service Portal

A self-service portal is an easy way to boost employee engagement and productivity while reducing paper and lost information. Your distributed workforce can have the job and HR tools they need, when — and where — they need them. Employees can view pay stubs, schedules, benefits, job information; messages and tax information, accept open shift offers; and clock in and out on-site, all with self-service features in eHub.

eHub: Self-Service Portal for Workforce Management | TEAM Software (2024)


What's the eHub website for employees? ›

It's an integrated workforce management and self-service portal for your employees and customers that's seamlessly connected to the WinTeam ERP.

How do I recover my eHub account? ›

As a security measure, if a User ID and/or Password are entered incorrectly five times in a row, you will be locked out of the eHub account. To reset, either have your WinTeam administrator change the password or use the Forgot Password link.

How do I check hours worked on eHub? ›

On the My eHub landing page timekeeping displays in the Timekeeping widget. The widget displays the latest three timekeeping records.

What is employee self-service login? ›

Employee self-service (ESS) is the way in which employees can access HR-related information and software directly through a company's intranet or web portal.

What is employee portal? ›

What is an Employee Portal? For the tech-savvy and knowledge-seeking, employee portals are HR portals or intranet portals that ensure private and secure communication and interactions in an online space.

What are the password requirements for eHub? ›

Password Requirements

Your password must be 8-64 characters long (unless a higher minimum value is entered in SYS:eHub Setup) and contain 3 of the 4 criteria: uppercase letters. lowercase letters. numbers.

How does eHub work? ›

eHub Employee Self-Service (ESS) allows supervisor users to manage jobs and employees from the field, while employee users can access job-related and personal information. The Customer Self-Service (CSS) portal gives customers the ability to access invoices and job information.

How do I reset my employee self service password? ›

Employee Self Service – Account Help

The Account Help allows a registered employee to recover their password with the Forgot Password recovery. The employee must enter their User Name or Employee Number and press the Recover button. An email with a 'reset password' link will be sent to employee's ESS email address.

How to pick up shifts on eHub? ›

Claiming Shifts

Employees can view and claim shifts from both eHub and eHub mobile. When a shift is claimed, the Supervisor is notified via push notification and/or text message. To claim a shift, an employee must have security access for the Job Board with the Can Claim Shift security feature enabled.

How do I find my allied universal employee ID? ›

Please enter your USSA employee ID and your last name, then click the "Find My New ID" button below. This will present your Allied Universal employee ID.

What is eHub app used for? ›

eHub is a platform for K12 schools and libraries to share, manage, and utilize ebooks, audiobooks, interactive, and digital databases. Students and teacher can access content from the web as well as mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android tablets and phones, and Amazon FireOS devices.

How do I see available shifts on eHub? ›

The Job Board displays on the main page of eHub for users who have security access for it. All future shifts open to claim display on the Available tab and the employee's upcoming scheduled shifts display on the Scheduled tab.

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