2020 Ram ProMaster City Cargo Van for sale - Hanover Park, IL - craigslist (2024)

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2020 *** Ram ProMaster City Cargo Van Tradesman Van other ***

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Year : 2020
Make : Ram
Model : ProMaster City Cargo Van
Mileage : 93783 miles
Transmission : manual
Exterior Color : white
Interior Color : GRAY
Series : other
Drivetrain : fwd
Condition : like new
Stock ID : 11403
Engine : 4 cylinders

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Drive it home today. Call (Or Text) us now !!
Call (or text) ☏ (888) 339-7086

Conway Imports Auto Sales

615 E Lake St
Streamwood, Illinois 60107

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2020 Ram ProMaster City Cargo Van for sale - Hanover Park, IL - craigslist (2024)


Is Ram discontinuing the ProMaster city? ›

IS THE RAM PROMASTER CITY® DISCONTINUED? Unfortunately, the Ram ProMaster City® has been discontinued and is no longer in production. WHEN DID THE RAM PROMASTER CITY® GO OUT OF PRODUCTION? The Ram ProMaster City® was discontinued in 2022.

How many miles per gallon does the Ram ProMaster city get? ›

According to EPA estimates, the 2022 ProMaster City achieves fuel economy of up to 21/28 mpg city/highway.

How long does Ram ProMaster cargo van last? ›

Life Expectancy

However, consumers report that the Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster regularly last until 150,000 – 200,000 miles without major engine problems. And the Mercedes Sprinter regularly lasts anywhere between 250,000 and up to 600,000 miles without significant engine problems.

What is the difference between ProMaster and ProMaster city? ›

The ProMaster is also larger than the ProMaster City, and it more than doubles the towing, payload, and cargo capacities.

Is Ram ProMaster City reliable? ›

According to RepairPal, Ram Promaster City owners bring their vehicles into a repair shop for unscheduled repairs an average of 1.8 times per year, compared to an average of 1.8 times for Commercial Vans and 1.3 times for all the vehicles RepairPal considered in its dataset.

Is Ford Transit or Ram ProMaster better? ›

While the Ram ProMaster® comes equipped with some safety features, it lacks the advanced safety technology offered by the Transit. Another important element for cargo and passengers alike is space. So, if you need a van that can accommodate more passengers in comfort and style, the 2023 Ford Transit is your best bet.

What is the top speed of the Ram ProMaster City? ›

2022 RAM Promaster City: Performance

This FWD drivetrain can sprint up to 60 MPH within 9.3 seconds and a quarter-mile in 17.2 seconds. The model comes with a top speed record of 115 MPH. The 2022 RAM ProMaster City perfectly absorbs all road bumps and has impressive acceleration.

Is a ProMaster good on gas? ›

Based on data from 3 vehicles, 78 fuel-ups and 24,850 miles of driving, the 2023 Ram ProMaster 2500 gets a combined Avg MPG of 16.27 with a 0.26 MPG margin of error.

How many gallons of gas does a Ram ProMaster City hold? ›

16.1 gal

Which ProMaster year is best? ›

The Best Model Years to Buy a RAM ProMaster Cargo Van

With the 2022, you would only pay, on average, 100% of the price as new, with 100% of the vehicle's useful life remaining. The 2021 and 2020 model years are also attractive years for the ProMaster Cargo Van, and provide a relatively good value.

Are Ram promasters expensive to maintain? ›

A RAM ProMaster Cargo Van will cost about $20,061 for maintenance and repairs during its first 10 years of service. This is more than the industry average for popular full size van models by $8,358. There is also a 63.20% chance that a ProMaster Cargo Van will require a major repair during that time.

Are ProMaster vans good? ›

Our consumer reviews show that the 2024 Promaster Cargo Van gets an average rating of 2 stars out of 5 (based on 35 reviews). Safety scores, fuel economy, cargo capacity and feature availability should all be factors in determining whether the 2024 Promaster Cargo Van is a good car for you.

How many miles per gallon does the ProMaster city get? ›

2022 Ram Promaster City
VehicleEPA Fuel EconomyEnergy Impact Score
2022 Ram Promaster City 2.4 L, 4 cyl, Automatic 9-spd, Regular Gasoline
24 MPG 21 28 combined city/hwy city hwy 4.2 gal/100 mi12.4 barrels/yr
386 miles Total Range
2022 Ram 1500 HFE 2WD 3.6 L, 6 cyl, Automatic 8-spd, Regular Gasoline
26 more rows

Can a ProMaster city pull a trailer? ›


The 2022 Ram ProMaster City® is a mighty van that has a towing capacity of up to 2,000 pounds 3. Plus, this utility van can haul nearly everything you need with a maximum payload of up to 1,890 pounds.

Which is better Ford Transit Connect or ProMaster City? ›

The new Ford Transit Connect has Ford Co-Pilot360™ technology featuring an advanced suite of standard and available driver-assist features. Compared to the 2022 Ram Promaster City, the 2022 Ford Transit Connect offers more seating capacity and a lower starting price.

What is RAM discontinuing? ›

Ram has discontinued production of the Ram 1500 Classic for the Canadian market. Current inventory will sell through 2024. Ram 1500 Classic production will continue for the United States and Mexico. In Canada, Ram will continue to offer the Ram 1500, Ram Heavy Duty , Ram Chassis Cab and Ram ProMaster.

Why are small cargo vans being discontinued? ›

A decline in overall sales and a projected future shift to electric vehicles have led the last remaining manufacturers of compact vans to end production of their models in 2023 in the US. Here's what's been discontinued in the last 6 years: Ford Transit Connect (2023) Mercedes-Benz Metris (2023)

Will there be a 2024 Transit Connect? ›

Transit Connect enters production in spring 2024, with initial deliveries of the diesel van scheduled for summer this year as part of a phased launch plan. Transit Connect PHEV will join the range before the end of the year, with all-wheel drive and Kombi models completing the line-up in early 2025.

What is the next generation Ram ProMaster? ›

The new 2023 Ram ProMaster® arrives with a new front fascia and grille, which includes standard quad-halogen reflector headlamps that are 28 percent brighter with 15 percent more range versus the previous headlamps and fog lamps.

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